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How Do Cigar Humidifiers Work – Complete Guide

How Do Cigar Humidifiers Work – Complete Guide

Certain things get better with age and fortunately a good cigar is one of them. However, a cigar that's kept too damp or dry and is stored in a too warm or cold space will not burn at its peak flavor profile. To ensure that your favorite cigar doesn't lose its quality over time, you must store it in the most optimal environment.  

That's where a cigar humidifier comes in. Once your cigars are stashed away with a high-performing humidifier, they'll remain fresh and last for a longer time.


The main question here is: how do cigar humidifiers work? This post will walk you through everything you need to know about cigar humidifiers. Luckily for you, we have also listed our top three recommendations below. 

What is a Cigar Humidifier? 

A cigar humidifier is a component of a humidor that helps maintain a relative humidity level. A humidor itself is a storage box for cigars. It provides precisely controlled temperature and moisture levels for your cigar to thrive.

In fact, what distinguishes a humidor from any regular storage box is its humidification system. This system is maintained – all thanks to a cigar humidifier! Let's understand why it is so essential to maintain an optimal humid condition in the first place.

A fun fact about cigars is that they can expand and contract based on the relative humidity in their surroundings. This means that too much or too little moisture in the air is all it takes to impact any cigar negatively. In low humid levels, a cigar dries and shrivels up, resulting in cracking and loss of flavor or aroma. On the contrary, excess humidity tends to absorb water from the air. This ultimately leads to molds, rots, and even an infestation of tobacco beetles. 

Of course, nobody wants that. As a general rule of thumb, if you want your cigar to last for more than two weeks, buying a cigar humidifier is an inevitable option for you.

How Does A Cigar Humidifier Work? 

Now that you know the purpose of having a humidor as a cigar enthusiast, let's look at how it is achieved. 

As you must have already guessed, a cigar humidifier is a super-essential component of a humidor. It acts as a source or receptor for hydration. In other words, if the humidity level is low inside the box, a humidifier releases moisture content. Similarly, it absorbs moisture if the humidity level goes higher than optimal. 

The best humidity level for a cigar is 70%. 

All you have to do for your humidifier to work efficiently is to refill a cigar humidifier solution every once in a while! 

Cigar Humidifier Solution

A cigar humidifier uses a humidification solution as the hydration source. The refill frequency of this solution depends on the type of humidifier in use. The solution consists of 50% propylene glycol and 50% water. This secret potion is known for preserving flavors and aroma in your cigars.

XIKAR Propylene Glycol Solution

Other than refilling the humidifier with this solution, you can also use it to season your humidor for added benefits. Here's how you can do it by following these two simple steps: 

  1. First, wipe the interiors of a humidor with distilled water using a soft cloth. Make sure it's only dampened and not entirely soaked with water. Keep the lid closed for a few hours.
  2. Soak a sponge with the cigar humidifier solution. Squeeze it up to remove the excess, and then place it inside the humidor for a while. Make sure that it is kept away from sunlight.

And just like that, this humidification process will prepare your humidor for taking better care of your cigars. It is recommended to season your humidor at least twice a year. 

Types of Cigar Humidifiers

Cigar humidifiers, along with other components of a humidor, play a critical role in maintaining humidity. Below we will talk about the three most common (and efficient!) types of cigar humidifiers.

1. Floral Form

It is often used in humidors, making one of the excellent cigar humidifier options. This is enclosed in a plastic container with ventilation spaces allowing the moisture flow. You need to replace the humidification solution every two weeks and the entire floral foam once at least in 6-12 months.

2. Crystal Gels

Crystal gel also works well as cigar humidifiers. It mostly comes in jars, and when water is poured over it, the gel absorbs it and expands. Next, this expanded gel is placed in a humidor to absorb or release moisture as per the requirements. Thus maintaining the humidity level.

The advantage of crystal gels over floral foam is that you have to replace the humidification solution once a month, and the gel can last as long as a year or two.

XIKAR® Crystal Humidifier Jar 4OZ

Crystal Humidifier Jar by Xikar 

3. Electronic Humidifiers

This type of cigar humidifier works most proactively. That's because it can electrically detect the humidity levels, which makes its functionality rapid and precise. And as needed, moisture is added or removed from the humidor accordingly. It also ensures a more efficient humidification control than the last two types that need manual control instead. As for the refills, it mostly depends on how actively moisture content is being used up in a humidor.

Hydra LG

Humidor Components (Other Than Humidifiers)

As mentioned above, cigar humidifiers are one of the many other components of a humidor. But the truth is that a humidifier cannot just work on its own to preserve the quality of a cigar. All the humidor's components work in harmony to ensure that it serves its purpose. Each of these is important in its own way, with one common goal – keeping the conditions inside the humidor cigar-friendly!

That's why it's important to learn about these other components as well.


A hygrometer is a device that can measure the amount of moisture in the humidor. This way, you can always know whether you have to add more humidification solution or remove some. This device can be either digital or analog. 

Hygroset Rectangle Digital Hygrometer

HygroSet Rectangle Digital Hygrometer 

All you've to do is check the hygrometer, preferably every fortnight, to ensure all is well inside the cigar humidifier. 


Most humidors have a thermostat that helps in keeping the temperature steady inside. Cigars remain fresh in temperatures as cool as 60-degree Fahrenheit or as warm as 72-degree Fahrenheit. In other words, cigars are best preserved at room temperature. 

If you think that's all a thermostat does, well, there's more! A thermostat also helps in keeping the humidity balanced. Warm air holds more moisture, while cool air is much drier. This means that humidity levels are also kept in check by maintaining the optimal temperature. 

Spanish cedar wood

Most cigar humidors come with interiors made up of Spanish cedar. It is a kind of wood used to make the walls, shelves, or drawers of the humidor. This is mainly because Spanish cedar is known for its insect-repellant and decay-proof qualities. 

A humidor with cedar wood construction 


Moreover, it has water-absorbing and releasing benefits without risking the occurrence of rots and molds. Yet another way to keep the humid conditions even inside the box.

Thus, all these components work with the humidifier and qprovide an effortless, trouble-free solution for cigar storage!

Our Top 3 Cigar Humidifier Recommendations

As promised, here's a list of our top 3 cigar humidifier recommendations (in no particular order). We'll walk you through their features, plus talk about what they are specifically good at. 

  1. Cigar Bar Humidifier By Xikar

Bar Humidifier By Xikar 

This small, portable humidifier is travel-friendly and can easily fit in your travel humidor. It works by using crystal gel technology. When it's time for a refill, it can be done effortlessly using the two easy-fill openings. Of course, propylene glycol solution is needed as a moisture source. 


Bar Humidifier By Xikar can humidify up to 50 cigars. It is perfect for maintaining a relative humidity of 70% inside the humidor. Not to mention, it comes with a durable, crush-proof body, making it a good travel buddy. It retails at a price as low as $10.99.

2. Lg Commercial Electronic Humidifier By Hydra

Lg Commercial Electronic Humidifier By Hydra

This cigar humidifier works best for commercial purposes. It can humidify up to 2500 cigars and create a cigar-friendly environment with its electriconic features. 

It comes with a built-in hygrometer that has adjustable technology and updates humidity levels every 30 seconds. It is equipped with two internal fans, plus two more ports for external fans that help in the humidification process. 

Another great feature is that it has a large capacity water cartridge. Both audio and visual indicators indicate the water levels. It also features a remote unit that controls essential functions and reports temperature and humidity.

With such excellent benefits, it retails at a price of $399. 

  1. Huntington Humidifier System by Prestige - Auto-Fill

Huntington Humidifier System by Prestige - Auto-Fill 

For a walk-in humidor, this high-output humidifier system is an outstanding option. It features a refillable water reservoir with an autofill option when the water level goes low. 

It also has fully adjustable humidification control panels, which are super-precise. Thanks to its three fan speeds and an embossed air plenum for the even distribution of moisture, you won't have to worry about the efficiency of the humidification process. It provides an ideal humidity range from 60% to 70%.

This sleek system can humidify not just a specific amount of cigars but an entire room up to 2000 cubic feet. Undoubtedly, its output levels are pretty unbelievable! 

It retails at a price of $1547. 

Bottom Line: How to Buy the Right Cigar Humidifier?

We hope that this post helped you figure out: how do cigar humidifiers work? Apart from this another important thing is to know which humidifier will work the best for your needs.

Size and efficiency will be your two primary deciding factors. You need to invest in a humidifier that can easily fit in your humidor. For instance, if you have a portable travel humidor, the bar humidifier by Xikar is your safest bet. Similarly, if you have a high capacity cigar cabinet, the electronic humidifier by Hydra will easily fit and give enhanced outputs. 

At Cuban Vault, we have a wide variety of cigar humidors, humidifiers and even cigar accessories that you can choose from. We deal with reputable brands to offer you the very best of the cigar world. 

If you need any assistance in making the right decision for your next cigar-related purchase, talk to our experts now!

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