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Best Cigars for Beginners- How to Choose One?

Best Cigars for Beginners- How to Choose One?

Introducing your untested palate to conventional cigar blends can be an intimidating experience. It's a dual-end bet; either you'll fall in love with its aromatic and flavorsome blend or quit it forever! Henceforth, you've to choose from a long list of cigars for beginners. But where to start and how to make an agreement with certain flavors and wrappings is the real struggle.

So, we're bringing you the best cigars for beginners and how to choose one to match your taste. 

How to Choose One- The Complete Cigar Guide

Before scrutinizing a pile of top cigar brands and blends with various aromas and flavors, dwell deep into the mesmerizing "Science of Cigars ."Cigars are a regular delicacy for many or an occasional choice for others! 

However, to get an extensive insight into the classic vintage world of cigars, follow up with the facts spilled below.  

The Cigar Story 

A cigar isn't just a tobacco-based delicacy or something modern men carry; it has a decades-old story originating from the Caribbean or some parts of America.

A cigar is a piece of craft with a particular form, age, and type of tobacco wrapped up in delicate dried tobacco leaf sheets. 

Hence, picking out a cigar whose aroma and flavor perfectly resonates with your taste is arduous for beginners! 

Different Types of Cigars and Their Specialities

As mentioned above, the right choices come with the right knowledge of various types and their aromatic properties. 

Size and Shape of Cigar 

The thickness and size of a cigar determine how rich the flavors are. However, most beginner enthusiasts get caught by the size trap, where smaller varieties can also prove to be a long-lasting choice. Hence, there's no general rule that thick or long cigars are aromatically richer than the smaller ones and vice versa. 

Here are the two major forms to consider this way: 

  • Figurados Cigars 

Figurados are like the shape of an American football or Torpedo with a conical appearance and a thicker middle portion. Figurados are an expensive form of cigars because of their good relative thickness. 

  • Parejos Cigars 

Parejos is a sleek cigar with a cylindrical appearance, more like a cigarette, and has a rounded or conical ending. 

As you burn the cigar, you'll notice the thicker cigar takes a long time to consume. Thus, it keeps imparting a slow flavorsome aroma while giving you a very subtle experience. 

Whereas thinner cigars burn faster, putting forward a provoking same flavor throughout. 

Henceforth, to rule out your preference, you may try both forms and determine which pleases your palate the most! 

Storing cigars 

The following arbitrary consideration will give a better understanding of how to store cigars or the role of storage capacities in maintaining the flavor: 

  • Whether your cigar is low-cost or a premium-packed one, its handling maintains or degrades the entire flavor and aroma. 
  • A secondary way to determine a premium cigar is its label, while its moisture retention is still the primary. You can verify it by gently squeezing it. A dry cigar is coarse and hard to press, while a moist one feels slightly spongy to the touch. 
  • Cigars must be kept in humidors.

Hence, these are some basic checks you can explore more once you get accustomed to smoking cigars! 

Flavoring and Color of Cigars for beginners 

Finding the cigar of your taste is tough, with abundant flavor blends and tastes. One key note to mention here, the flavor of a cigar is hidden in its color or how long it has taken to mature! The exterior color or external tobacco leaf wrapping of a cigar determines the flavory richness and aromatic goodness!

As a beginner, we suggest you go for lighter tones with creamy, citrusy, and refreshing floral notes. In contrast, darkened variants may be quite intense for your taste for their woody, leathery, coffee, and chocolate-based flavor notes. 

How does a cigar roll? 

It is a commonly accepted fact that the more the hand power, the more the intricateness of a cigar! Although it can be an expensive product for new cigar enthusiasts, its craftsmanship is unmatchable. 

Hence, to be cost-effective, keep up with the machine-rolled cigars while keeping the other one for special moments! 

Essential Cigar Matters to Follow 

In a rush to find the best cigar for beginners, do you know about certain essential rituals to consider before starting up?

Here are a few arbitrary steps to consider before leaping on to the authentic cigar culture:  

  • How to light your cigars? 

The best form of lighting your cigar is to use standard matches rather than fancy cigar lighters. Lighters lowkey ruin the classical aroma of a cigar with its fuel filling. 

  • How to cut your cigar? 

The right way to cherish your cigar is to make a small incision in the top cap area and let the perfect fusion between air and smoke happen! 

  • When to have a cigar? 

The best time to have your cigar is after meals and not on an empty stomach!  

  • How to smoke cigars for beginners? 

Never inhale cigar smoke, or you may choke because of excessive nicotine intake. Hold it for a while in your mouth and exhale; that's it! 

  • How to hold your cigar? 

Hold it between your fingers and thumb for a firm grip and keep yourself safe from ashes. 

  • How do Ash cigars for beginners? 

Don't knock the ashes too often; roll them gently in the ashtray to discard loose ash. 

Why Starting with an Entry-level Cigar Important? 

With everything about making the best cigar choice discussed above, why do you need to get a mild cigar? Well, the simplest logic to make up is that mild cigars are the best for beginners to develop a conscience of cigars and their culture. Mild cigars are made of tantalizing flavors, giving a wholesome mouthfeel to new cigar enthusiasts. 

Moreover, the outer coating or Connecticut shade wrapper leaves (grown under controlled environmental conditions) are used to amplify their aroma further. 

Our Top Picks Cigars for Beginners 

By now, you've got an extensive knowledge of choosing a cigar. It's time to jump on the bandwagon of the best cigars for beginners. 

1. Montecristo

Montecristo is one of the top Cuban legacies lead brands. Multiple shapes and sizes are handcrafted to perfection and filled with magnificent long-fillers tobaccos from the Dominican Republic. The cigar is famous for its evolutionary flavor blends of nuts, grass, and cedar notes encased in sweet aromas to please the newbie palates like no other one. The iconic Montecristo cigars are loved by beginner cigar aspirants globally. 

2. Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva 


Arturo Fuente can be one of the best top picks for mild cigars worldwide. Their cigars have achieved the most delicious milestones of a heavenly aroma desiccated into delightful flavors. 

This Dominican's best cigar for beginners has left no stones unturned in putting fusional flavors of cedar, nuts, coffee beans, and chocolate. If it's your first choice, then we're sure you won’t find your way back from the spell of cigars of the Dominican brands. Their handmade intricateness is complemented through Maduro and Natural Connecticut wrapper. 

3. Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Real


The list of premium mild-strength tobaccos will be incomplete without the Cubanesaue cigars. In collaboration with the Reserva Real blend, Romeo Y Julieta has put forth the finest tobacco fusion of the hour. 

The long-filler tobacco blend filled with a wrapping of Ecuador, Connecticut, is a treat for warm flavor seekers. The spice and aroma of this cigar compliments through a unique combo of nutty and toasty flavoring. 

It will be no less than a tasteful adventure if you're vouching for this cigar! 

4. Ashton Classic 

To have a surreal first experience, you must take a delightful start with a mild cigar like Ashton Classic. Its immense popularity lies in the velvety smoke and the rich aroma of matured tobacco filling enclosed in the statement Connecticut shade wrapper. 

As the cigar burns and the flavors are unleashed, you'll discover a generous aroma of almonds, creamy spices, and cedar. 

5. Oliva Serie O 

Oliva Serie O is a savory delight with a gradually progressive intensity to resonate with your palate! As you dwell into the aromatic goodness of the cigar, you'll find surprising flavors of cedar, cherry, cocoa, and the warmth of spices. The longer you'll take to digest the flavorsome experience, the more you'll succeed at extracting its essence. 

6. Nub Connecticut 

Nicaragua has put forth a balanced blend of mild flavors and a bubbly smoke that's perfect for novice cigar admirers. From the moment you put it on to dwelling through the flavorful aroma of Ecuadorian Connecticut. Nub Connecticut has the perfect hand-rolled appearance to experience the compelling flavors for a longer than average duration. The flavor notes are toasted brioche, cream, and cedar. 

7.Larutan Natural 

The basic blend of ingredients, medium intensity flavoring, sun grown Sumatra wrapper, and natural color are all the ultimate choices for beginners. The sweet and creamy flavor notes can make your first-time cigar-smoking experience memorable. Most advanced cigar aspirants have it as their first favorite cigar for an all-natural, raw, and authentically aromatic smoking experience. 


Gispert is one of the affordable yet delightfully aromatic cigars for beginners. You can get one today and have an alluring experience of chocolate, cedar, and sweet caramel flavors. An efficient ring gauge and a supremely performing Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper make it an exciting deal for newbie cigar enthusiasts. 

9.Macanudo Gold Label 

Macanudo is one of the promising cigars for beginners with its specialized volado leaf wrapping extracted from 1st and 2nd primings. It is a piece of craftsmanship with intricate details and a mildly thicker body. Although it's slightly different from most variants of the said category, its smoke is less frothy, unlike high-end cigar blends. Hence, being a newbie, it would be an appreciable choice. 

10.La Aroma de Cuba


La Aroma de Cuba is a treat for beginners from the mighty Cubans legacy with multi-flavored notes. You can explore the premium aromas of nuts, sugar, cedar, and whatnot on the go with a rich blend. Although it has a cylindrical and slightly medium to light thick body, you can still have an explosive rush of flavors. Its Connecticut broadleaf exterior has the chocolaty goodness of tobacco. 

Hence, it can be a wholesome dive into the cigar culture for most newbies! 

11.Ramon Allones Superiors 

For decades, Cubans have been the first choice for beginners for their popularity and subtle flavor notes. Ramon Allones is one of the successful versions of Cubans launched so far, with an intricate handmade body and classical aromas hailing from Miami. The extended smoking time is an appreciable mark, perfect for newbie cigar aspirants. Hence, give them enough time to dwell in the ravishing spice of these cigars. 

12.La Aurora 

La Aurora 1903 Emerald can be the boss of the mild cigar category with slightly higher notes. It's handcrafted and has a medium size with a torpedo shape. The formulation has been derived from various territories giving Aurora its signature heritage branding. Aurora is wrapped in Ecuadorian sun grown Sumatra. Overall, the cigar is perfect for beginners seeking a blend of thrill. 

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